Anti-Haul #1

I’m hoping I don’t have to give the YouTuber warning about “just because I’m yucking your yum doesn’t mean I personally hate everything about you”. On the offchance that a) anyone reads this and b) feels upset that I trash talked something you love. Know this, I love some absolute tat – embrace it.

From Too Faced, the Sun Puppy Bronze. So very nearly coveted this for the design because OMG IT’S A PUPPY etc. HOWEVER, that design will be a ballache to use / get any kind of consistent colour picked up on your powder brush. Step away!

You’d think Victoria Beckham could afford pan separators .. and for (probably) £48, you should expect them. She gets major props for using recycled packaging but make.your.stuff.functional.

Winning 2020’s “most random collaboration so far” is this one from Milani and Salt-N-Pepa. Now, I’m very much old enough to remember them AND I am a massive fan of 90’s nostalgia in general but the lipsticks are the only things that really work in terms of a fit. The colour stories for both palettes are pretty but this really just smacks of a feels-train cash cow.

I will probably (almost certainly) get one of the blushers from this collab but if you take the cute AF packaging away from this palette, welllll, it’s pretty much like every other Colour Pop palette. Bunch of neutrals, mattes with glitter in (why?), couple of pops of colour, non-eyesafe glitter (whhhhhhy?), and probably a SuperShock formula pan which will dry out in a few months (whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?) That packaging though…

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