NYX Matchy-Matchy Colour Palette – Review.

Blurb from their website: “Share your side of the colour story using the new Matchy-Matchy Monochromatic Colour Palette. Including six eyeshadows, one blush and one illuminator with a silky-smooth texture, each of our five meticulously curated collections features a stunning shade family as well as a variety of finishes. These stylish palettes bring the fashion world’s monochrome obsession to your makeup kit. Choose from on-trend sets of berry mauve, camel, lilac, melon, or taupe hues to create your own tonal, full-face looks. Balance and soften those features like a pro using a palette that complements your complexion beautifully.”

The top palette is “Lilac” and the bottom is “Berry”. They’re right about the variety of finishes but what’s lacking in any description on their website is which palette has which formulas. I rarely willingly buy glittery eyeshadow and the lilac palette has two shades with it in (with one not even really having pigment so more of a topper).

Swatches for the lilac palette – the missing gaps are where there’s just no pigment or straight glitter. The highlighter formula (swatch nearest wrist) is a bit chunky but works fine in place of a metallic shadow.

Swatches for the Berry palette – much nicer but only one metallic “eye” formula and a second if you use the highlighter shade.

I really like the mattes in both palettes, though the Berry one has some really similar shades so would have been better for me if they’d exchanged one for a foil. They blend nicely and last well in my crease without vanishing over the course of the day.

For the shimmers / foils / glitter pans, I’m underwhelmed – even applying with a wet brush doesn’t really make them pop. They’re just .. fine.

A look from the Lilac palette, two of the mattes in the crease and blended out and that chunky highlighter shade applied with a wet brush on my lid.

For £16 on the NYX website per palette, I won’t be picking up any other colourways and will probably re-home the Lilac one to someone who enjoys glitter far more. For the price, there’s far better out there (like the new little Elf palettes).

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