Function of Beauty – 3 Month Review.

A whole three months since I started this blog, a blog I started partly because of these products. Function of Beauty is one of those brands that you can’t avoid if you consume beauty social media – it’s literally everywhere and they do a great job of marketing. Sometimes products live up to the hype, sometimes they don’t and I like knowing which is which.

Processed with Focos

First off, the good – it’s hella pretty and does brighten up taking a shower (if that’s your thing). Also, the cherry blossom scent that I chose, is lovely. I didn’t even balk at the price – just shy of £40 for the two bottles pictured as at my current rate that will have lasted me for easily 6 months.

However, it just isn’t any better than any other shampoo and conditioner that I’ve used – despite all of it’s grand and customisable claims and that’s where it ceases to be good value for money.

I decided to go with strengthen, anti-aging, volumize, and oil control when it asked me to select my areas of concern. I remain mystified as to how one anti-ages something dead but maybe that’s just me.

For the more achievable goals of strengthening, volumizing, and controlling my oily scalp, it’s maybe a 0.5 out of three. My greasiness continues unchecked, there was absolutely no change to volume (though in fairness, I’ve only ever found that styling products work for me in that arena), and *maybe* there’s less breakage but that could also be down to my change in hair tie of choice.

I guess it comes down to the “well, if it works for you, yay?” but it didn’t work for me. Has anyone else tried these hair products? What did you think?

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