Nearly forty, dry skinned, oily scalped, and done with pretending that I can be self-controlled with my makeup and skincare purchases.

What is an Auntie Haul?

A hilarious take on the far more commonly known anti-haul. For “hilarious” read “it slightly amused me one night at three am”.

But seriously?

I’ve always loved makeup and skincare. I love the researching, the consumption of reviews and first impressions, the trying it out for myself, the community (yes, really), and the self-care ritual of doing my face or taking ten minutes out of my day to apply a mask. I also love writing, creating content, and generally having something other than work & family to concentrate on.

What’s an anti-haul then?

Simply put, it’s the opposite of showing off purchases. Think of it like a roast for products of any type. I believe it was the amazing Kimberly Clark who came up with the idea and made them YouTube famous. You should check her out.

My skin: normal to dry, hormonal spots, pale with neutral to cool undertones (shade N1 in Mac Face & Body), some redness, some broken capillaries, texture, small pores, and a few wrinkles creeping in.

My hair: shoulder length, thinning, fine, wavy, uncoloured, no heat styling, brunette.