EM Cosmetics – Mini Reviews.

The reviews are mini, not the products.

Color Drops Serum Blush (Pink Nectar) – like all liquid / cream blushers this looks far more intense in its concentrated form but sheers out beautifully using fingers or a sponge. My favourite part of this formula is that there’s no glitter or shimmer but it still has that gorgeously radiant glow to it.

My only niggle is the little pipette is a bit shite, they do say to “prime” it with a few pumps but I suspect that once I use up more of the product it’s going to be tricky to get any sucked up!

Photo above shows the Color Drops Serum Blush and the Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream in action.

Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream (Taupe) – I’m never happy with how my brows look. As I’m getting older they’re starting to lose the tail and my right brow has a weird patch missing near the front.

I like pencils for a quick “fill and go” but realistically, I would like a product that made them look a little fuller and provide a bit of holding power.

My other issue with brow products is that brands rarely signal the undertones and vary wildly in what they consider “brunette”. I tend to err on the cautious side when trying one for the first time and went with Taupe.

That’s a pretty dark taupe right? Shade aside, I really like this brow cream. It makes the hairs look super tidy and provides a bit of body and hold without achieving that Instagram look of two caterpillars that are having a snooze above your eyes.

Niggle with this one is that you have to do a fair bit of product scraping in the neck of the bottle before application. Otherwise it’s smudge-city.

Revolution Fast Brow Pen Pomade – Review.

After trying the ABH DIPBROW Gel for £19 (and slinging it because I don’t have the time or patience to clean 99% of the product off the brush before using it) this looked like quite a smart take on a faster brow pomade application.

Revolution Fast Brow Pen Pomade

For a start, it’s a much more sensible £6 and comes in a nice range of tones including Ash Brown for people who want a cool coloured brow product – it’s absolutely not the auburn tone that the website shows. I also liked the look of the applicator since it’s nice and small with a teardrop shape brush to help finesse things if you have smaller eyebrows.

Silicon (ish) teardrop applicator.

The actual formula is lovely, a thinner pomade consistency and I didn’t have any issues with the actual application onto my brows. However, if you have any product that uses the “clicky button on the end to force product to the applicator” then you might guess what my major, deal-breaking complaint is!

Click. No product. Clickclick. No product. Clickclickclick. No product. Clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick. PRODUCT. Except now you’ve over clicked and there’s far too much pomade so you have to scrape some off and hope it won’t be too much for your eyebrow. Then you’re right back to click, no product.

Revolution Fast Brow Pen Pomade Swatch in Ash Brown
Revolution Fast Brow Pen Pomade in Ash Brown.

If you have the patience to work with the packaging then I absolutely recommend the formula, however, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to fill and tame your brows then I’d stick with their pot pomade or brow pencils.

Purchased myself.