NYX Matchy-Matchy Colour Palette – Review.

Blurb from their website: “Share your side of the colour story using the new Matchy-Matchy Monochromatic Colour Palette. Including six eyeshadows, one blush and one illuminator with a silky-smooth texture, each of our five meticulously curated collections features a stunning shade family as well as a variety of finishes. These stylish palettes bring the fashion world’s monochrome obsession to your makeup kit. Choose from on-trend sets of berry mauve, camel, lilac, melon, or taupe hues to create your own tonal, full-face looks. Balance and soften those features like a pro using a palette that complements your complexion beautifully.”

The top palette is “Lilac” and the bottom is “Berry”. They’re right about the variety of finishes but what’s lacking in any description on their website is which palette has which formulas. I rarely willingly buy glittery eyeshadow and the lilac palette has two shades with it in (with one not even really having pigment so more of a topper).

Swatches for the lilac palette – the missing gaps are where there’s just no pigment or straight glitter. The highlighter formula (swatch nearest wrist) is a bit chunky but works fine in place of a metallic shadow.

Swatches for the Berry palette – much nicer but only one metallic “eye” formula and a second if you use the highlighter shade.

I really like the mattes in both palettes, though the Berry one has some really similar shades so would have been better for me if they’d exchanged one for a foil. They blend nicely and last well in my crease without vanishing over the course of the day.

For the shimmers / foils / glitter pans, I’m underwhelmed – even applying with a wet brush doesn’t really make them pop. They’re just .. fine.

A look from the Lilac palette, two of the mattes in the crease and blended out and that chunky highlighter shade applied with a wet brush on my lid.

For £16 on the NYX website per palette, I won’t be picking up any other colourways and will probably re-home the Lilac one to someone who enjoys glitter far more. For the price, there’s far better out there (like the new little Elf palettes).

Revolution Pro Haul – Mini Reviews.

[AD – Links below are affiliated, products purchased myself.]

I love it when Revolution Beauty release more products in the Pro brand, they’re pretty much always good quality and still within a sensible price range for what you’re getting.

The product I was most excited to get my hands on is the CC Cream Perfecting Foundation (SPF 30) as it’s targetted towards dry / combo skin and promises to leave the skin “hydrated and protected”.

It’s quite a thick formula and I tried both brush and sponge to apply it. Ultimately I prefer the finish the sponge gives as it stops those pesky brush lines – it also blended out far more easily then I though it would for the consistency of the product.

The product blurb promises “sheer to full buildable coverage” and I applied one full layer and then just added a second layer over the redness on my cheeks and was happy with the finish. I think if you went for fullest coverage with this then it would be quite heavy on the skin.

I can’t tell if the glowy finish is the foundation, the Glass Skin Primer, or the extreme overuse of highlighter. I’ll definitely (probably) remember to pay attention when I next do my makeup and add it in here. (Tried it again without primer and ended up with a very natural sheen, though I think I prefer it with.)

It wore nicely throughout the day but I don’t have any oily patches and did powder / finishing spray. The foundation does dry down nearly completely but I don’t like a tacky feeling.

For a tenner (and if you’re not oil prone) then I would wholeheartedly recommend this foundation! It’s worth noting though that you only get 26ml for that.

Next up is the Quartz Crush Eyeshadow Palette, the website unhelpfully doesn’t mention that there aren’t any mattes in this quad but does state “For a gorgeous pink toned look use dark berry pink in the crease and highlight your brow bone and inner corner with the iridescent pink shade.”

This is where I’m a bit confused / peeved because the dark berry pink is a shimmer so doesn’t lend itself naturally to being a crease shade. And I have no clue which is the iridescent pink one that would be suitable for the brow & inner corner because if it’s the one in the top left, it doesn’t show up (at all) and I wouldn’t consider it iridescent either. For the sake of being more fair then I feel I need to be, I might try applying it with a damp brush.

The shade I’m wearing in the photo is in the top right of the palette and the second from the left swatch below.

Grumps aside, the formula on the three pigmented shades is really nice and stays put pretty well over the elf Eye Primer – there’s a little fallout, however, so a good idea to do eyes before base. This quad is also a tenner but I’d not pick up any more colourways unless I was confident there was a good quality matte included as I’m just not hugely likely to reach for this one.

That’s a super heavy swatch of the Sculpting Bronzer (in Bahia) so that the finish and undertone is easy to see. In normal use, it’s really not as orange or shiny as it is on my wrist and blends out beautifully without highlighting the drier skin on my forehead.

It’s an incredibly soft powder and for only £9.00 too. I’m looking forward to using it more, I think it’ll be a great Summer bronzer with the warmer undertone (compared to the Butter Bronzer or Hoola Lite).

The swatch on the left is the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Ignite – it’s much, much too dark for me so I won’t be using it. I noticed when I tried it out that it doesn’t seem to dry down fully so I imagine it’ll be more comfortable than most but probably won’t have the staying power.

Overall, a bit of a mixed bag – love the foundation and the bronzer, mostly love the eyeshadow quad but can’t give it top marks, and not sold on the liquid lip even if the colour had suited me.

elf Haul – Mini Reviews.

The reviews are mini, not the products .. though the Bite Sized Eyeshadows ARE mini.

From the top (and moving clockwise).

Flawless Finish Foundation (Snow). This is picking up super dark on my phone’s camera but if anything it’s too pale for me. I’m yet to find a way to wear this so it doesn’t look really powdery / so it blends in nicely. Even extensive pouncing with a blending sponge doesn’t help, nor does using a variety of different primers. I might try sheering it out even further with an oil. Or I might not.

Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick (Touch of Blush). I don’t really wear much lipstick, but when I do, it’s satin all the way. For a freebie I’m not complaining!

Primer Infused Blush (Always Punchy). I *love* this colour! Plus it’s matte, nicely pigmented, and lasts – with or without a setting spray. For £6.00 I can’t recommend this enough.

Putty Eye Primer (Rose). I’ll be doing a dedicated review on this but as a dupe for a MAC Paint Pot, it’s a “yes” from me.

Bite Sized Eyeshadow Mini Palette (Berry Bad). Looking at the product shot for this on their website vs how it looks in real life – I promise, my shot is closer. The two mattes aren’t the pink tone they have on the elf website. That aside, for THREE POUNDS, these are lovely and I’m going to be picking up a couple of others in Rose Water and Cream & Sugar.

Calm Balm. This is just a hearty “meh” – it’s not one of those lip balms where you end up with more dry skin than you started with. Nor is it the best formula. Good for getting free shipping and slapping on before you do foundation.

elf Putty Eye Primer – Review.

Product blurb: “Our best-selling putty primer is now the perfect base for any eye look. Formulated to extend your eyeshadow wear for up to 12 hours. Amp up your eyeshadow with this color intensifying putty eye primer that locks in eyeshadow for a crease-proof look! Infused with vegan Squalane to help moisturize the eyelid while extending wear. “

I’ve been hunting about for a cruelty-free version of the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot (in Painterly) for a while. I don’t like to use concealer as an eye base – hello, creasing! Most eye primers I’ve tried are just too drying and when that’s combined with crepey lids it’s just not a good look for my aging skin. Then there’s the issue of coverage, I like to hide the veins above my socket so transparent / low opacity products aren’t much use.

L = MAC Paint Pot (Painterly). R = elf Putty Eye Primer (Rose).

As you can see, the two shades are very similar with the MAC one being slightly more peachy but they’re indistinguishable on the lid. With the elf pot you get 5.3g for £5.00 and for the MAC you’d get 5.0g for £16.50.

Application wise, the elf primer definitely blends better if you use your fingers whereas the MAC one I’ve found works nicely with a concealer brush or your fingers.

Once blended out, I’d say the Paint Pot has a smidge more coverage but I’ve found you can build up the elf primer if you want to hide a particularly noticeable vein.

L = MAC Paint Pot (Painterly). R = elf Putty Eye Primer (Rose).

In terms of longevity, they’re both pretty good on both high-end and drugstore shadows and are definitely far better than using a concealer (if you have to worry about creasing). For £5.00, this is an amazing dupe!

N.B. I apply eyeshadows straight on top (rather than setting them with a translucent powder).